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Edgar Allan Poe Icons

I noticed a definite lack of Edgar Allan Poe icons while I was searching for one to use as my default. So I decided I'd have to just make one myself...and I got a bit carried away. Please not that I'm not the absolute best at Photoshop, but I'd like to think I'm at least pretty decent. That being said, comments and critiques are welcome.

Poe himself x3
Poe Quotes x2
Lines from Poems x5


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Poems used: The Raven, Israfel, A Dream Within a Dream, and Annabel Lee.
Brushes by: SJWalker, ro-stock, and batgirlwi of deviantART.

Please comment and credit if using. :D
(and if anybody wants to tell me the fancy little code to make a link to the LJ user when you add the icon...I'd be much obliged...I forgot it again...)

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Great for Poe's 200th BD year. I snagged #6.
These are great! I'm snagging #5. Will of course credit you. :)

Btw, in case you still need it: [lj user="insertnamehere"] replace [ & ] with < & >
Israfel is one of my favorites! I will be snagging 5 and 7 and will, of course, give you full props!
Oh wow, I love Poe and these icons are awesome!
Have taken the Nevermore raven and will credit when used ♥
#3 is brilliant! will credit when using :)

The code is <*lj user= ""> (take out the star)